Wednesday, April 9, 2014


They say buying a new house and moving are two ginormous stresses that happen in a lifetime. Add on the fact that Husband and I are on opposite coasts from each other during the week and you've added a whole 'nother can of stressed out worms that I wouldn't wish upon anyone during such a monumental milestone in a young family's life.

But, alas, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are closing this Friday! Hallelujah! The house will officially be ours and the actual move will take place next Thursday. We couldn't be more excited and eager for all that lies ahead. I mean, we are first time homeowners. That's a pretty big deal! Huge, really. Bravo to us.

On top of that colossal step in adulthood, the three of us will finally be under one beautiful roof after weeks of being apart. Our first night in a brand new house, just Husband, Milo and me, could not come soon enough. My eyes are welling up with tears of joy just thinking about it.

But before we can get there, we have a few hurdles to overcome. One major one, packing and unpacking. You know, that thing most people feel takes them weeks, if not months, to accomplish after the moving truck pulls away. Not me, though. I prefer to have everything unpacked and in their proper places within hours. No joke. I also like zero help. I want to do it all myself. I know other people feel this way too. It's a very emotional and stressful time, and one that takes concentration and minimal distractions. I should know, I've moved 16 times since I was 18 years old. I have it down to a science.

Of course, I know unpacking and settling in will take a bit longer than I'm used to, given the amount of furniture and stuff we have now. A two year old is no light packer. Plus we're used to moving into small New York City apartments or even our current 3-bedroom condo. The new house, with all it's space, will be a whole new beast to conquer and I couldn't be more excited to tackle it. Bring on the bubble wrap and boxes, bring on the furniture rearranging and chaos. I'm more than ready!

Milo's 2nd Birthday!

Happy 2nd birthday to our baby boy! It is truly unbelievable how quickly the time has flown. Such a cliché, but oh-so true.

We celebrated Milo's birthday this past weekend, with my parents, brother, and in-laws flying down for a relaxing weekend at a nearby resort. The actual birthday was Saturday and the whole weekend couldn't have worked out more perfectly, especially given the circumstances of being displaced from our condo and in the process of moving (we're closing on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

We couldn't feel luckier to have Milo as our son. He is not only adorably cute and cuddly, but also sweet, kind, funny, compassionate, charming, creative, intelligent, and plain-'ole edible! Even with all of the stress and chaos of the last few weeks, it was the perfect time to celebrate our 30 lb bundle of joy and all the love and life he brings into our world.

(While the only pictures I currently have are from my iPhone, I promise you my parents and in-laws  were present. The other million happy moments from the weekend were captured on the "real camera.")

Thursday, April 3, 2014

A sorta short explanation

I'm back! Sorry for the radio silence. It's been a very bizarre couple of weeks over here. My mom's car being towed was only the opening scene of a very strange and twisted tale. I'll spare you all the ridiculously insane details but I will sum it all up in the following bullets:
  • My mom's car was towed from our condo building.
  • When we asked the building manager why my mom's car was towed he initially told us it sounded suspicious, he didn't know of any towing (something he told us only he could approve), and he would help us out. He invited us to his 3rd floor office.
  • Upon entering his office building manager nonchalantly told us the car was towed at 2am and it was illegally parked, there was nothing he could do.
  • Because I knew this wasn't true and she was very legally parked, along with being on the permanent guest list for the past eleven months, I said "I'm comfused, why was my mom's car towed?"
  • Building manager went crazy irate, his demeanor skyrocketed from 0 to 1000 in nanoseconds.
  • Crazy Building Manager screamed and waved his arms, and yelled at us to leave his office.
  • My mom and I, along with Milo, fled Crazy Building Manager's office confused, scared, and frustrated. "What the heck just happened?"
  • Numerous emails ensued from Crazy Building Manager and a Misinformed Board Member about why we were in violation of parking rules (all of which were false).
  • Our landlord called me the following afternoon and told me Misinformed Board Member called her to threaten me by claiming my parking permit (which I have had in the same spot for nearly a year) was actually in the wrong place on my windshield and I could now be towed.
  • A police officer then showed up at our condo 36 hours after the initial bizarr-o incident to issue Husband and I trespassing warnings. I was in my pajamas and Milo was running around the place naked because he didn't want a new diaper on. (Note: Husband was not involved in towing, crazy office freak-out situation, nor subsequent emails from building.)
So yeah, you read that right, I was issued a trespassing warning to stay away from Crazy Building Manager's office on the 3rd floor. I'm clearly very threatening. I, also clearly, didn't do a thing wrong, as the police officer very kindly pointed out. He did inform me that anyone can issue this type of warning since it's purely a scare tactic, and Crazy Building Manager has a history for such retaliation.

Husband and I were so caught off-guard and scared by Crazy Building Manager's behavior, especially since I initiated absolutely no correspondence with him after fleeing his office, that we both felt Milo and I were safer at my parents for the time being. Who knew what else he could do or make up?

Luckily, we close on our new house next week so we knew this exodus, while totally annoying and not ideal, would be for the short-term.

So while Milo and I have been staying at my parents, Husband has been going to work every day during the week and making the commute across the state to be with us on the weekends.

The whole thing is absolutely absurd and totally baffling, and still doesn't make sense. It's unnerving how an irrational person can shake you to your very core. Who flees their home? Typically people in war-torn countries, that's who.

So anyway, I knew this absence needed an explanation but I was so "in the moment" and stressed out about everything that I couldn't wrap my mind around putting it all down in a post. But now you have it: the short version.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

No Fun Wednesday

Yesterday was one of those days where every time you put out a fire another one arises.


The tip of the iceberg was when Mom's car went missing from our condo's parking lot for no good reason. At first we thought it was stolen, but then realized it had been towed. Those next few hours were fun, said nobody.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I apologize for my absence. It's been a crazy time for us with the closing of the new house and our impending move right around the corner. Lots of last minute details to solidify. It's all SO exciting, but stressful nonetheless. I've been on and off the phone with movers (we finally have a good one secured!), a tile guy for the kitchen backsplash (who is less than attentive and professional), a carpenter to install some wainscoting (who refers to me as "peppy and energetic" yet we are still awaiting a quote from), a window guy for the window coverings (the most efficient of the bunch), coordinating delivery of some fun new furniture from West Elm and Room & Board (cannot wait for those arrivals!), countless other annoying and tedious calls (mainly to move out of our condo which they make more difficult than getting a new passport) to ensure a smooth and easy move. Is there such thing?!
On a totally unrelated note, have you all tried Sumo oranges?! They look bizarre and deformed but  are ridiculously delicious. Their in-season is relatively short so run out and get them now. I found ours at Whole Foods. Thanks H&L for suggesting them to L, who suggested them to Mom, who suggested them to me.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Seasonal "I Miss NYC" Post: #1

I've been incredibly nostalgic for our life in NYC lately. I did spend a significant amount of time looking through old pictures the other day, so that could have done it, but I think it's deeper than that. I think I just miss my great friends, our old life, seeing the city through my family's eyes when they'd visit, the food, the culture, the life, and the way things use to be. Ya know? It has been almost a year since the big exodus so I think I'm due for an emotional "I miss New York" moment.

All of this nostalgia doesn't mean I'm not incredibly happy in the present. Not at all. In fact, in many ways I couldn't be happier. I love Florida. I love our life here. I love being close to family. I just miss the good 'ole days and seeing my amazing girlfriends more frequently who know me best. You know, the girls who have been with you through all stages of adulthood: the pretty and ugly, the drunk and sober, the mundane and bizarre, the boring and exciting, and all the amazing life milestones in between.

I don't think I had a chance to share our "going away" get together from last April. It was lovely and happy, yet sad and awkward. Lovely and happy in the sense that we got to have a final send off surrounded by the people we love, but sad and awkward since it all seemed so surreal. I wasn't quite able to accept that we were actually leaving NYC for good and acted as if we were just going on vaca. Which is funny since I was the one who complained for years about how much I was sick of New York. I always talked a good game about how much I loved to hate the city, but I also never thought I'd actually leave. I really loved that beautiful smelly place. After all, the city made me ME, and brought me closest to my friends that became family.

So while this is a full year late, in honor of all of our New York family and friends that we miss, here are some great shots from an afternoon at the W Hotel Bar (with children!).

Monday, March 10, 2014

Mommy Fail

While I hesitate to label him, Milo is a picky eater. There, I said it. He likes what he likes and gets the nutrients he needs, clearly, but as far as an adventurous eater, that he is not. In fact, if it were solely Milo's choice he would exclusively eat Cheerios, popcorn, pasta, soybean sausages, french fries, apples, ice cubes, salad, baby carrots, an occasional yogurt smoothie, M&M's and Fudgsicles.

This past Friday, Milo wouldn't eat his dinner. Happens more days than not. He's more of a one meal a day guy and had had a big lunch earlier. However, unlike other evenings, on this particular Friday, around bedtime, he signed that he was hungry. And by signed, I mean he stuck his finger in his mouth and kept pointing inside. I asked him what he wanted and we went around the kitchen while I pointed to things. He shook his head no to everything. When we passed the large peanut butter jar he started squealing. Finally! Something he'll eat I thought. I handed him a spoon and let him go to town. It wasn't one of my finest mommy moments.

About ten joyful spoonfuls later Milo finally seemed full. A bath followed and then his typical bedtime ritual: brushing teeth and story time. With a full belly, he was asleep in no time.

At about 2:00 am Milo started crying. Not a "I'm fine, just having a moment, I'll be back asleep in five" type of cry, but rather a "I'm not fine, someone help. Now." cry. I went running to his room.

Immediately he jumped into my arms and his little belly started to convulse. I knew what was coming and was just trying to calm him down while simultaneously heading towards the bathroom tile. I won't subject you to the gross details but it wasn't pretty. The obvious culprit: too much peanut butter. Poor baby.

Of course, in hindsight, I should have known peanuts were difficult to digest, heck, they give me heartburn regularly. I must have had a lapse in judgement when I saw how happy those spoonfuls were making my baby boy.

So lesson learned: moderation is key and do not allow your 23 month old to down an obscene amount of peanut butter before bed. It won't end well and you'll feel like the worst mommy ever.